How We Help

Program Elements

  • Leadership and Community Service opportunities to instill in our students the impact they can have on their communities, school and families
  • Mandatory bi-weekly after-school tutoring/mentoring sessions during the academic year that includes homework assistance and math and writing enrichment
  • Monthly Saturday writing and STEM workshops
  • SAT/ACT college test prep, college counseling and financial aid workshops
  • Shadowing and intern opportunities with professionals in the Los Angeles area to expose our students to potential career paths
  • Staff who advocate at school with teachers, counselors and administrators; staff also acts as a liaison between students’ families and their schools
  • Social and Emotional support that includes Council sessions and Counseling when needed
  • Summer academic and enrichment programs specifically tailored to students’ needs and interests

Student Selection

Teacher nominated student candidates are selected after an extensive assessment and interview process to determine if they have qualities and academic potential of a Determined To Succeed student: motivation, an above-and-beyond work ethic, respect for themselves and others, drive and Determination.

Once selected, students are in Determined To Succeed from middle school through college graduation. Programming includes biweekly after-school tutoring, writing and math enrichment, mentoring, weekend tutoring and writing and STEM workshops, college test prep, college counseling, and summer enrichment opportunities that are critical to keeping our students actively engaged during the summer months.

Our experienced staff, many of whom are educators, coordinate students’ group and individualized programs, acting as mentors and advocates during students’ ten years in the program.

An absolutely essential component of Determined To Succeeds’ success is the engagement and respect of our students’ parents and siblings. We have several educational and enrichment opportunities throughout the year for the families.

“A child’s perception is everything. When a child believes that their teacher cares about them as a person, and cares about whether they are doing well, the child begins to believe that they can learn too, and they do. I am inspired by the work of Determined To Succeed.”- Mary Beth Barry, Admissions Director, Brentwood Lower School

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