Academic Year

Determined To Succeed maintains high expectations and standards for our students and families, challenging them to hold equally high expectations and standards for themselves. We provide students with high-level academic and enrichment support and programs to keep them on a successful, focused track to achieve their maximum academic potential in school.

After-School Study Sessions

During the school year our students attend mandatory bi-weekly after-school study sessions. They receive one-on-one attention from our Student Site Coordinators and tutors. In addition, to homework and test preparation help, they receive math and writing enrichment. This time is also used to mentor and counsel the students on issues ranging from peer pressure to teacher challenges.

Weekend Workshops, Individualized Learning, Test Prep and College Counseling

Essential to our students success in high school is choosing the right classes, being proactive and self-advocates with their teachers, intensive writing and math workshops, specific subject tutoring, an early start to college research, intensive SAT/ACT test prep, college counseling and financial aid planning. The course load for college-bound middle school and high school students is demanding, and our program provides all the resources and support necessary for them to be competitive and confident that they will gain admission to the colleges of their dreams.

Writing, literacy and math enrichment is taught during our weekly afterschool study sessions in middle school, monthly Saturday sessions and woven into our summer programming. We are working with 9 DOTS to implement a STEM curriculum on a year round basis as well.

I appreciate the ability to have someone there for you at any moment you need them; both for academic and personal reasons.” -Isaiah, Senior, Hamilton High School

I like that he had a chance to meet with adults and teachers outside of school. I enjoyed the extra help he received from Determined To Succeed and I know he enjoyed it because he would often talk about and share his experiences with me.”  -Mother, 9th grade student, Dominguez High School

I find the writing techniques very effective and useful to use on my school assignments. I can now pinpoint my main ideas without unnecessary comments that I used to make.” -Gabby, Senior, Hamilton High School

The weekend writing workshop helped me learn about different types of writing styles and how to actually write them.”-Daniel, Sophomore, Hamilton High School

Using books and movies to support a thesis is a great idea, I have never been taught that before.” -Raul, Senior, Hamilton High School

We love collaborating, discovering and learning with our 8th grade peers in the Saturday Writing Workshops with Miss Ellie.” -consensus from our 9th grade students!

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