College Connections

As noted in the photo above, the young women of DTS enjoyed meeting with Lia, a first generation college graduate and Smith admissions representative who visited two weeks ago. This month, we look forward to hosting admissions representatives from both Skidmore College and Dickinson College. 

This Saturday we are thrilled to take our high school students and their families to Pomona College for our first in person campus visit since the onset of the pandemic. The opportunity to explore the physical campus provides students and parents with information that goes far beyond websites and virtual sessions.  Being on campus allows them to fully, albeit briefly, inhabit the college culture and it makes the future both real and tangible. 

One high school junior shares, “Visiting different colleges over the years with DTS has been eye opening. Before these visits, I knew I wanted to go to college but I didn’t understand what that even looked like. This weekend I will get to see if Pomona College appeals to me.  Can I see myself at a small college that is pretty close to home?  And my parents will be able to see where college students study, eat, and sleep. Seeing these things helps prepare them for me going away to college.” 

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