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every child deserves

to lead a happy, healthy and productive life

Determined to Succeed (DTS) is a college access and success program that provides highly motivated, underserved students with comprehensive, year-round support and resources for academics, overall wellness, and social and emotional growth, in order to realize their goals of high school and college graduation and set themselves on the path to fulfilling futures.

The DTS approach to college success is progressive, holistic and impactful. Students are much more than the sum of their grades and test scores. Only when the whole child, including his background, culture and personal circumstances and experiences, is considered and supported will we increase the rate of college success.

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Philosophy & Program

The DTS approach to college success is progressive, holistic and impactful

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Student Experience

The DTS program is a comprehensive eight-year journey

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DTS Opened Doors for Me

Determined to Succeed


Before I joined DTS, I knew I wanted to go to college but I had no idea how I was going to pay for it, how to apply, what should be expected at a college level education, almost nothing. The reason for this is because I am the first in my family to go to college, so I have nobody to tell me what to expect and how to achieve a college acceptance. Luckily, I got noticed by DTS and joined the DTS family which opened up many doors for me.

Supportive, Compassionate, Generous

Determined to Succeed


DTS = supportive, compassionate, generous, and most importantly family.

Grateful that I had a support system

Determined to Succeed


One of the most important things I realized during the college preparation process was that a) it takes a lot of time and it's confusing, and b) felt grateful that I had a support system because it is hard to do this on your own.

Always encouraged me

Determined to Succeed


DTS always made me get out of my comfort zone so coming to college was easier to not feel comfortable at first, and they always encouraged and helped me get out of my LA bubble.

Contributed profoundly to my success

Determined to Succeed


DTS has contributed profoundly to my success in college by giving me the necessary tools and advice to succeed. By getting us prepared for college beforehand rather than throwing us into the water without any help really propelled me to succeed in college. By giving us advice like not doing homework in our dorm rooms and going to office hours on the first week of school was very beneficial towards my college experience.
Determined to Succeed

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