High School

100% of our students graduate from high school and many are the first generation to do so.

87% of our students consistently make the Honor Roll

100% of our students take honors and AP classes

Average unweighted High School GPA: 3.6

94% of our students are committed to an extracurricular activity outside of DTS

Average number of hours a student spends in DTS programming each week: 7

Average number of one-on-one check-ins with DTS staff prior to high school graduation: 305

100% of students exceed basic UC admission requirements. On average, our students take 4 years of science, 4+ years of high school level math, 4+ years of foreign language

Colleges Our Students Currently Attend

College Admissions & Persistence

100% of our 12th graders are accepted to 4-year colleges across the county. Collectively, our students have been accepted to 39 private schools, 9 UCs, and 17 Cal States.

$75,000 The average amount of scholarship funds DTS directly provides for our college students annually.

80% of college students earn a 3.0 GPA or higher.

100% of college students complete their FAFSA annually by December 15th.

$5,000 The average amount of money students and their families are responsible for paying each year of college, this number includes loans.

86% of college students are involved in campus affinity groups.

In a random sampling, 92% of college students felt comfortable discussing their health-related issues including depression with their DTS advisor.

College Graduation and Beyond

100% of our College 2020 Class graduated within 4 years

92% of the members of the College 2020 Class are gainfully employed

Within a year of graduating, 31% of the students from the College 2020 Class became DTS donors

100% of all current college students are on track to graduate within 4 years

Alma Maters of the Class of 2020
Alma Maters of the Class of 2022