College & Beyond

Consistent support through weekly Advisor check-ins is the heart of our college programming.  Initially focused on the transition to college, our College Access and Success Counselor oversees course selection, schedule planning, and connecting to local student resources.  As students successfully acclimate, DTS continues to mentor them through the challenges they face via weekly check-ins with their Advisor.  The student’s overall well-being, academic progress, and social-emotional health are at the center of these conversations. 

Students attend colleges that provide ample financial aid, but DTS steps in to secure outside scholarship support when the institution’s aid is insufficient. For the average family, DTS ensures a student/family’s cost, including loans, does not exceed $5,000 per year. By minimizing the incurred debt, DTS enables students to focus on school itself.  As well, we understand our students may need help with both hidden college expenses, such as health insurance, and with basic necessities. DTS allocates funds for textbooks, computers, dorm room supplies, and even winter clothing, when needed.

Because the end goal for students is not a college degree, but rather the skills, knowledge, and agency to pursue a meaningful career, our college students participate in career readiness programming.  Students are required to retain meaningful summer work and for those who work during the school year, to pursue jobs that not only provide income but also experience transferable to a career.  Additionally, students attend workshops and coaching sessions to develop their resumes, polish their interview skills, and build their professional network.