High School

Our high school program focuses on the development of relationships and the practice of habits needed to thrive in school and beyond. 

When students have strong relationships with an advisor, they feel seen and valued. They are therefore more likely to develop positive social and emotional competencies, feel more motivated and engaged in school, and perform better academically. We build and strengthen these relationships through weekly one-on-one Advisor check-ins in which the student’s overall wellness, academic progress and current challenges are discussed.

At-risk students with mentors are 55% more likely to enroll in college and 130% more likely to hold leadership positions than their unmentored peers. —mentoring.org

The program’s structure also fosters the development of meaningful peer relationships.  These relationships create a sense of belonging and contribute to both the college-going culture and the culture of high achievement. Peers positively influence each other to persist in realizing their shared goals, as well as provide critical social and emotional support.

Through the mandatory daily Study Hall, on Hamilton’s campus, students practice time management, organization, intention setting, communication, self-reflection, and are held accountable by their Advisors and sometimes even their peers.  In this safe space, students are provided with everything they need to complete their homework and prepare for exams.  They have unlimited access to superb tutors to ensure they are supported across all subjects, healthy snacks, school supplies, and access to technology. 

Regularly scheduled meetings with the College Access and Success Counselor, as well as guest speakers, college visits, career exposure, guidance through the college admissions process, and parent workshops are also integral parts of our high school program.