Student & Alumni Advisory BOARD

The Student & Alumni Advisory Board meets twice a year.  Members discuss their experiences in DTS and provide staff with feedback. Their insight shapes the program for future students.  They also serve as mentors for younger students and are vital in building and sustaining the network of DTS college graduates.

Brittany Aguilar

College of the Holy Cross 2020

Katherine Calderon

Barnard College 2020

Hyewon Choi

USC 2024

Jocelynn Huerta

UC Davis 2023

Melanie Madrid

Harvard 2022

Jonathan Mejia

San Diego State 2022

David Morales

USC 2024

Diana Pena

Franklin and Marshall 2020

Isaiah Tulanda

Claremont McKenna 2020

Josh Tulanda

University of Pennsylvania 2020

Ernesto Zelaya

Lehigh 2024