A Note From The Directors

This March, the madness reached far beyond the college basketball arena.  As admissions decision letters landed in students’ mailboxes, disturbing news of cheating the process dominated the headlines.  Last week, one of our students in Compton marveled at her acceptance to an elite college – USC – while families living just miles away, but worlds apart, faced arrest and expulsion.  The yin and yang was striking. 

A national conversation about the inequities in education has been ignited, and we echo much that has already been written and said about the college admissions process in light of the events of the past two weeks.   We are hopeful that a better system is on the horizon.  Every student deserves it.  In the meantime, our staff at DTS will continue to believe deeply in the potential of all children, support our students as they navigate their way to college and beyond, and celebrate their incredible accomplishments along the way.


Jessica and Mimi
Co-Executive Directors

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