Look What We’ve Been Up To!

Since early June, DTS students have been engaged in robust summer programming. Our first four programs were held outside of Los Angeles, allowing students to detach from their regular lives and fully connect with one another: Bridge to College in Ojai, DTS Outdoors Camp in Wrightwood (where our college students served as counselors), a backpacking trip through Yosemite with Lasting Adventures for our rising 11th graders, and a backpacking trip through the San Bernardino Mountains with UCLA’s Unicamp for our rising 12th graders.  In late June, we returned to Hamilton High School for the remainder of the summer. Take a…
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Behind the Scenes

This year, the month between the arrival of college acceptance letters and college commitment day was one filled with anxiety and trepidation. The mental toll of the pandemic sent many of our students into a panic; they could no longer visualize themselves leaving home. We knew the only way to fuel their forward motion and lessen their apprehension was to get them onto campus. So we did. Flights were booked, schedules were rearranged, gas tanks were filled and staff and students hit the road. Thank you for providing the funding needed to ensure our students were able to commit with…
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Students Explore Careers at AEG

One facet of our career development programming is exposing students to the myriad of job possibilities available after college graduation. Last week, AEG welcomed our high school students to their Arena.  Students learned more about AEG and they engaged with a panel of professionals who hold positions across different sectors of the company.  The panelists shared both sage advice and a bit about their paths to their current careers.  Afterwards, students were led on a tour of the arena and invited to watch the LA Kings play the Seattle Kraken. It was an incredible day and we could not be…
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2022 College Acceptances

We are proud to share the collective and impressive list of colleges that accepted our high school seniors.  Our students were fierce competitors; this admissions season saw a 22% increase in applications, making an already formidable task that much more so.*  We look forward to sharing the students’ decisions with you in May. *Common App Report November 2021
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