Immeasurable Impact

STEM Specialist and Administrator

Emmanuel Mendez

I first began working with Cristina* almost four years ago. She had been struggling in math for years. Even when her grades began to improve, she couldn’t help but feel intimidated whenever she worked on a new problem. All those years of struggling left her convinced that she could never truly do well in math. This year, Cristina’s doing better than ever before and her classmates now turn to her for help. She’s even begun our recent tutoring sessions by exclaiming that “Scholar Cristina is back!” while flashing up a peace sign. Math can still be hard for her, but her attitude toward it has completely changed. Most of our struggling students are similarly convinced that they just aren’t meant to do well in math and science. I tutor because they can with a little guidance, and they deserve to see some of the success their hard work creates.

*Student name has been changed in the interest of privacy.