Bridge to College

On the heels of high school graduation, the DTS team, summer interns and the incredible Hamilton 2018 Class dove head first into the Bridge to College Intensive, the culmination of the DTS Transition to College curriculum that began in January.

It was a week packed with essential information every college freshman needs before stepping onto campus. Covered topics included the importance of prioritizing self care, relaxation and stress management techniques, time management, growth mindset and normalizing struggles, racism, imposter syndrome, campus resources, balancing course loads, homesickness, financial literacy, syllabus mapping, academic probation, dorm life, how to study and sleep, sustained motivation, drugs sex and safety, fueling body and mind, and Greek life.

College-bound freshmen practice tapping, a stress relieving technique using acupuncture points.

Connecting with the College 2020 Class duringpanel discussions about college life was especially impactful.  It was a safe space for both classes to share experiences and ask for and provide advice.  The sentiments were profound:

“It’s okay to feel out of place!  Because everyone does!”
“It’s helpful to know what you should and should not expect socially and emotionally when you get to college.”

“Getting the information you need makes you feel prepared and less scared to start college.”


Just like every student is much more than his or her grades, college life is so much more than academics.  To be successful, even the most determined students need to take care of themselves and find ways to feel at home on campus. The Bridge to College Intensive was a huge step in the right direction.

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