DTS from Home, Adrian

For 12th grader, Adrian, senior year of high school is not ending as he envisioned.  Traditional senior activities have been cancelled, but he is making the best of a difficult situation. 

“During the quarantine, I’ve been thinking about college. I have wanted to go to college for many years, and I was accepted to some incredible schools with great financial aid offers. But it looks like I might not have the chance to actually attend for another year. I’m also disappointed I won’t be able to go to prom, grad night or graduation. These are all things every senior should have the opportunity to do. While quarantining has been difficult, it’s also been enjoyable. I’ve gotten to spend more time with my family; we play board games and going for walks. I also connect with my friends through video games and FaceTime. Plus, my DTS college counselor and the wellness director check in with me at least once a week to help make sure I’m getting my work done to be ready for the next step in my life.”

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