DTS From Home, Demi

A DTS donor has provided many families with craft supplies, puzzles, books and games.  Rather than watching TV, 11th grader Demi bedazzles a pair of jeans with a donated kit and shares her thoughts about the impact of COVID-19, “I don’t how COVID-19 is going to affect my family. I am worried that as it continues, my parents will not have enough income to support us. My biggest concern is about not having enough money to buy groceries and to pay bills. Both things are important, but I am scared we will be forced to choose between the two. Also, it has been stressful adjusting to a new routine to maintain my grades. It is hard to find a quiet space to work on homework due to having a big household, I live with my family and my extended family. I know that I can talk to any DTS staff member for advice/ reassurance. If I feel hopeless, I can talk to the wellness counselor to practice techniques to manage my stress. I also feel better knowing that DTS will help support my family financially if necessary.”

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