Immeasurable Impact

Advisor & Program Manager

Krystal Briseno

The pandemic impacted all of our students. But for Lizzy*, the combination of the long hours on Zoom, the inability to fully connect with other people in person, the anxiety, the growing family issues, and money worries, all became overwhelming.  Lizzy changed from upbeat and energetic to sullen and withdrawn. Each day, her depression grew and I knew she needed greater support than our weekly check-ins. Together, with Lizzy and her parents at the center, we came up with a plan to get her the mental health counseling she needed. We connected Lizzy to a therapist, alerted her counselor at school so that her teachers were aware of what was going on, and I stuck by her side. It took a few weeks before she started feeling like herself again. But once she was ready, she started turning in her work, retaking exams, doing extra credit. 

My relationship with Lizzy allowed me to know when she was not ok, and to know when she needed help. I am so glad I could be there for her through this very challenging time.

*Student name has been changed in the interest of privacy.