A huge thank you to Ann Rogers, our Marketing and Capacity-Building VISTA Intern for her year of service. We feel fortunate to have had Ann on our team.  Ann shares, “I was inspired to work with Determined to Succeed after hearing the success stories of the students – they were matriculating not only to local and state schools, but by reaching for the stars, they were attending some of the most prestigious schools in the country. As a child of immigrant parents, I understand how real the struggle is to assimilate and succeed – at times you find yourself helping not just yourself, but your whole family, in the cultural adjustment. Also, living in Los Angeles, you are often struck by the vast gap between the wealthy and the poor. I joined DTS’ cause because I wanted to make a difference in my own community and help see these students break the cycle of poverty.

My work with DTS is infinitely rewarding – you will not find a more earnest, hard-working and ambitious group of students!”

We will miss you Ann now that your VISTA term has come to a close.  We are so grateful for all the ways you helped us build capacity and helped us create systems for sustaining it.

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