Beginning Again in Bethlehem

Ernesto, a recent high school graduate, began his first year of college from home. However, his college reopened for the spring semester and he is now at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. Before departing Los Angeles, a generous DTS supporter equipped Ernesto with winter clothing and dorm essentials. He is now nearing the end of his first month on campus and instruction has been a hybrid of remote and in-person classes. He finds the campus environment to be very conducive to learning. He shares,  “The town is centered around the school and the surrounding area serves to support the school and the students.  There are fewer distractions here and I can really focus on what I need to get done.” 

Being away from his family for the first time has been difficult, but his weekly check-ins with Stephanie, our DTS College Access and Success Counselor, have helped him navigate the unfamiliar terrain of homesickness.  He shares how DTS continues to illuminate the path forward, “I always had the desire to attend college but DTS has been the guiding influence for me in deciding how, where and what I needed to reach my goals. Any problem I might encounter, DTS points me in the right direction.”

Ernesto will return home at the end of May, but only briefly.  He has been accepted to Lehigh’s RARE (Rapidly Accelerated Research Experience) summer program and looks forward to studying tidal wave energy as a renewable energy source.  

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