Bridge To College

It’s official! The High School 2019 Class is now the College 2023 Class. Soon they will head to campuses near and far, including Occidental College, Bates College, UC Davis, and College of the Holy Cross to name a few. To prepare for this milestone, students spent a week in our Bridge to College program, where they practiced stress reduction techniques, learned how to map out a course syllabus, created self-care kits, and discussed the ins and outs of college life. They had the special opportunity to work with DTS students one and three years ahead of them, who passed down the freshman torch along with lots of advice for a successful first year of college and beyond.

Bridge to College is the culmination of our five-month long Transition to College curriculum, and an example of the “success” component of our college access and success organization.  DTS will continue to support our freshman college students socially, emotionally, and academically, as they navigate this next phase of their education, to ensure their continued growth throughout college.  

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