DTS from Home, Melissa

Melissa, a first year college student at College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts, is now completing her spring semester from home in South LA.  Melissa shares what is on her mind:

“Lately I have been thinking about everything I took for granted. I have grown a stronger appreciation for the outdoors, friends, family, etc. I have also been reflecting on how to become more mindful of everything I have to be thankful for. This experience has been a bit stressful because there were a lot of changes in such a short amount of time – having to move out of my dorm room, figuring out where to store everything, coming back home, and trying to complete my classes virtually through my phone. Living at home, I found it difficult to be productive.I had to create boundaries with family to ensure that most of my focus was towards my studies and then home commitments. I am disappointed that my first year at college ended early. During my last month on campus, I was just starting to feel comfortable with my campus, making a good friend group, and getting closer with my roommates.

Since coming home, DTS has supported me by providing me with a safe study space with access to resources such as the internet. My DTS Advisor, Emmanuel, has given me guidance to resolve both personal and academic issues. He’s a person I can count on.” 

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