College Acceptances

We are proud to share the final, collective list of all the outstanding colleges our students were accepted to this year! With some colleges receiving 25% more applications than ever before, weknow the competition was fierce. Our students received strong financial aid offers comprised of both need-based and merit aid. Thank you for supporting them on this journey and we look forward to sharing their decisions with you next month!
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Beginning Again in Bethlehem

Ernesto, a recent high school graduate, began his first year of college from home. However, his college reopened for the spring semester and he is now at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. Before departing Los Angeles, a generous DTS supporter equipped Ernesto with winter clothing and dorm essentials. He is now nearing the end of his first month on campus and instruction has been a hybrid of remote and in-person classes. He finds the campus environment to be very conducive to learning. He shares,  “The town is centered around the school and the surrounding area serves to support the school and…
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The DTS Difference, Caroline and Isaac

As we begin 2021 and the second half of our academic year, we are mindful of the role that self-esteem and self-efficacy play in the work we do with our students.  All students are capable of succeeding once they believe they can, but sometimes it takes someone else believing in them to ignite an awareness of their own potential. Since our beliefs inform our ambition and our sense of worthiness, our staff team works to expand students’ definition of what is possible. Caroline and Isaac, members of our 9th-grade class who joined DTS in August and set their intention to…
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Inhabiting the Growth Mindset

Mia was struggling in AP Economics so she made a point of studying a great deal for an upcoming test.  She felt confident going into the test and was upset when she failed the exam, dropping her already low grade in the class to an F. Instead of giving up or deciding that the class was simply too hard, Mia, although disappointed, realized she had work to do. She reached out to her DTS advisor and together they brainstormed viable options and made a plan. She then paired herself with another DTS student in the class to collaborate on test…
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100% College Persistence

FAFSA completions have declined significantly from last year, particularly among low-income and first-generation populations. Without completing a FAFSA, students cannot access the financial aid that would make college more affordable. Many of these students are derailed by the lack of guidance that would have helped them complete their applications and financial aid forms. The graph below illustrates how DTS is bucking this trend. We are committed to keeping our students on track and eligible to receive their financial aid so that they may realize their college dreams.
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The list below highlights how DTS staff has been engaged with students and families over the last two weeks to ensure they are getting the support they need: Provided remote IT services, including teaching kids how to use Zoom, how to use a hot spot, and troubleshooting technical difficulties Procured and delivered laptop computers and other essential school supplies Supplied WiFi for families that cannot wait for free services to start Provided students with novels needed for school and pleasure reading Provided extensive tutoring in all subjects Provided one-on-one emotional support and mental health services for both students and their…