Succeeding Through Connection

During this unprecedented time of adaptation, DTS continues to provide support for our students in every way that we can.  We FaceTime, we Zoom, we set up WiFi accounts, we don masks and gloves to deliver supplies, we continue to connect.  Virtual trivia night, talent shows, and group meditation sessions are part of our new normal at DTS.   Remote learning is profoundly more difficult for low-income students than others.  Crowded living conditions and insufficient tech access are just two of many challenges facing our students.  In addition to our usual services, DTS has increased its mental health support and is offering vital…
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A huge thank you to Ann Rogers, our Marketing and Capacity-Building VISTA Intern for her year of service. We feel fortunate to have had Ann on our team.  Ann shares, “I was inspired to work with Determined to Succeed after hearing the success stories of the students – they were matriculating not only to local and state schools, but by reaching for the stars, they were attending some of the most prestigious schools in the country. As a child of immigrant parents, I understand how real the struggle is to assimilate and succeed – at times you find yourself helping…

First Year College Update

We recently caught up with DTS college student Gabby, a freshman at Occidental College. Here’s what she had to say about college life. What was your transition to college life like?My college transition hasn’t actually ended yet, but so far it has been more positive than not. I have fallen in love with the academic aspect of college. All the professors I have had so far are extremely passionate about their field, and their enthusiasm helps me get immersed in the material. The challenge has been mostly internal. I am very close to my family and not being with them…
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Welcoming 2020 Together!

Determined to Succeed welcomed 2020 family-style, with our annual new year’s picnic at Kenneth Hahn Park. Students and their families spent a sunny (yet chilly!) winter morning catching up with DTS staff, DTS Board members, and one another. Always a treat, many of our college students were home for the holidays and shared the day with us.
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Peer Tutoring: Alex and Chris

Chris and Alex are both 11th graders. Chris sought out Alex several months ago to help him with his Algebra 2 class. They’ve been working together nearly every day since.   Q: How did you come to work together?  Chris: We met in DTS in ninth grade, and Alex has always been a really strong student. I was struggling and thought maybe if I work with Alex, some of that math genius would rub off on me (he laughs). So, I asked him to help me one day during DTS study hall, and I understood everything after he explained it….
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College Connection: Melissa and Brittany

Brittany is a senior, and Melissa is a freshman, at College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts. Through their DTS connection, they’ve become friends for life. Q:  How and when did you originally connect with one another?  Brittany: The connection between Melissa and I started when I worked as a summer intern for DTS in 2018. I was the lead intern for the College Application Bootcamp program and worked closely  with Melissa and her class. I helped her start the college application process through brainstorming ideas for her college essays and talking to her about college life. Melissa: Brittany was really…
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