Bridge to College

The final piece of our college readiness programming is our intensive two-week Bridge to College (BTC). Jailyn, who just completed her first year at Howard University, reflects back on program’s impact and believes it is not just beneficial, but essential.  She shares, “In BTC I learned about things I needed to know going into my first year. I found it really helpful that the program was run, in part, by current college students. They shared advice about everything like handling classes, office hours, and balancing school with social time. We even practiced time management with mock schedules that we had to input into our calendars so that we would be able to see what a realistic day/week in college would look like. As soon as I got my class schedule from Howard, I knew to input all of my class days, office hours, and due dates into my calendar to keep track of them. This helped me stay organized and on top of my assignments.”

Our staff, current college students and our graduating high school seniors are all excited for the first day of this year’s BTC which kicks off June 14th.

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