A Family Affair

Did you know that an an estimated 10-40% of college-intending students who have applied to, been accepted by, and made a deposit to a college or university, fail to matriculate to that college (or any other) in the fall following their high school graduation?  The population DTS serves (students of color, low-income, first-generation) is the most likely not to matriculate.* 

We ensure matriculation happens through intentional programming starting as early as 8th grade.  As students move closer to high school graduation, we begin our comprehensive Transition to College workshops. Entering college is not just a transition for the student, but also for the student’s family.  Preparing the entire family for the students’ next steps is part of the work we do.

In the photo above, parents participated in an exercise focusing on comfort zones, providing them with an opportunity to connect with each other to discuss not only what is outside of their comfort zones, but what helps them recalibrate.  The anticipation of sending their children to college led them out of their comfort zones so parents worked with Stephanie, our College Access and Success Counselor, to identify strategies for feeling comfortable with the changes that are part of one’s “growth zone.”  Family engagement is essential to setting our students up for long term successful outcomes.

*National College Attainment Network “Stopping Summer Melt Starts in the Spring”

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