DTS Students on the Job – Mario, College 2020 Class

Mario, College 2020 Class

Mario is a second year psychology major at UC Santa Cruz. While on campus, he works in College Ten’s mailroom, and last summer he worked as an accounting intern.

“Working in my college’s mailroom has helped me gain life skills.  It has taught me how to balance my responsibilities and accordingly, improved my ability to manage my time. Also, part of my job is to help the students who come in.  This has tested my social skills, as I have learned to be kind and helpful, even when the person I am helping is not.

This past summer, I was blessed to have interned in the accounting department at GHC Housing Partners, an affordable housing firm based in Sherman Oaks, California.  My main tasks included filing and helping the office update and organize data using Excel and other online software. Whenever I completed a major task I assisted others around the office with any tasks they entrusted to me.  When the summer was over, I was invited to return whenever I was home from school, and so I returned during winter break with the same responsibilities.

I really appreciated my time at GHC. I valued being able to learn from professionals and working in an office environment for the first time.  It was also amazing to feel like part of the team even though I was only there for short periods at a time.  My biggest take away is that although I am planning to be a therapist, I am now also interested in a career in real estate.”



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