High School Juniors Start the College Admission Process

As DTS high school seniors celebrate college admissions decisions, juniors are getting started with the nearly year-long admissions process.  Every Saturday in February, the high school class of 2019 meets with College Access and Success Counselor Stephanie for programming focused specifically on the nuts and bolts of college admissions.

In the photo below, students participate in an intensive SAT review workshop to prepare for their first sitting of the exam in March.

Our juniors are also learning how to research colleges.  In the photo below, a student lists “fast facts” for a specific school.  Working in groups, students extract relevant information about different colleges from College Board’s Big Future database, then present the information to the entire class.  Through this exercise, students amass the tools to start researching colleges on their own, the first step in building the list of schools they will apply to in the fall.

As part of the DTS college-going culture that begins the summer before ninth grade, eleventh graders are required to apply for summer programs conducted on college campuses across the country.  The summer program application process provides practice for college application essay writing, and the programs themselves expose our students to college life in a measured and low-pressure experience a full year before starting their college careers.  Students gather information that will help inform their college list and enrich their college application essays, and parents also have a trial run of what it will be like having their child living away from home.  The opportunity is invaluable!


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