DTS Students on the Job – Katherine, College 2020 Class

Katherine, a sophomore at Barnard College and talented artist, is considering a double major in visual arts and art history.  While on campus, she works in the Barnard Store, and last summer she was selected to be a Getty Multicultural Intern at the Skirball Cultural Center.  “As a sales associate at the Barnard Store, I’m responsible for keeping the store stocked and clean.  I am also trained to package and send out merchandise ordered online.  Aside from normal retail responsibilities, I serve as a source of information for parents and high schoolers touring Barnard.  They often come into the store and ask about my experience and for advice to students applying.  Furthermore, I am the store’s chalk board artist. There are two chalk board columns that I draw on to advertise the Broadway show we are selling that week, or to just beautify the store!  I love the women I work with, so being there never feels exhausting or annoying.  In addition to retail experience, I am learning how to problem solve and to be part of a team.  At the Skirball, I am the art studio coordinator for the drop in art studio.  I am in charge of preparing, organizing and introducing exhibition-related crafts to families.  I love working with kids!  They are incredibly creative, and their wit constantly surprises me.  Working as an educator has taught me a lot about museums and the career path I may choose to take after college.  I am learning so much about the interworking of museums and how to interact with families on an educational level.  It has been an amazing experience!”


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