The Buzzfeed Experience

It all started with a DTS exercise class at Platefit.  When our group of ninth and tenth graders learned that their Platefit instructor, Allie, is also the Client Services Manager at BuzzFeed, their palpable excitement and interest in her work prompted Allie to invite the students to visit BuzzFeed’s Los Angeles office.

Students toured the multi-building campus and saw the 100-plus people who work collectively to make BuzzFeed run.  They also visited the Tasty Kitchen, just in time to try a freshly made pumpkin bread pudding with whipped cream, and learned how the cameras work when filming food.  The highlight of the visit was speaking with the Pero Like team and learning about their career paths.

What was most exciting to the DTS staff about this visit was that it was an organic opportunity to introduce the concept of networking and to demonstrate the importance of relationships in the “real” world.  The students’ persistence in connecting with Allie and pursuing an activity that excited them was a vital and lasting lesson.  We greatly enjoyed supporting the students as they went after something they wanted and then reaped the benefits of their tenacity!

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