DTS visits Cal Poly Pomona

Complementing our college admission representative visits are our twice-yearly excursions to local college campuses.  This month, DTS staff, students and their families toured Cal Poly Pomona, where we walked the campus, met current college students, and ate in the dining hall.  Our tour guides shared information about the school’s focus on hands-on learning, its strong veterinary, botany and hospitality programs, and its active student body.  College visits are an opportunity for students and their parents to “feel” campus life.  They strengthen students’ focus on their college goals and prompt them to reflect, “Do I see myself here?”

“Setting foot on the campus of Cal Poly Pomona allowed me to imagine myself as a student there. Although Cal Poly Pomona had an engineering program I was interested in, the agrarian campus was not a match for me. I would’ve never known this had I not been given the opportunity to visit Pomona myself.” – Chloe, DTS 11th grader.

“With online research, you miss the environment of the students, the different facilities, and you miss the general size of the college itself. With actual college visits, you get to walk around the campus, see the student body, and interact with students and ask them questions. We even eat lunch with them in the cafeteria.  I really enjoy our college visits!” – Karen, DTS 11th grader.

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