Harvard, Oberlin, Smith, and F&M at DTS

This month, DTS welcomed four college admissions representatives to speak to students about their respective institutions:  Abdiel Garcia from Harvard University; Jim Calderise from Oberlin College; Lia Brassord from Smith College; and Brenda Gomez from Franklin & Marshall College.  The representatives not only discussed their academic programs and admissions criteria, but shared about their schools’ mentoring programs, support for first generation students, study abroad opportunities, college town environments, and much more.

College admissions rep visits are an essential element of DTS’s college going culture.  They’re highly motivating, and they also provide students with a framework for asking themselves important questions: Can I see myself at a large/small school?  What might I want to study in college?  What types of extracurricular activities are important to me?  After each visit, DTS students are armed with more information, confidence and inspiration than before.

“Meeting with the reps and having them come to talk about their schools really inspires me to try my best in my academic classes to have a chance to be admitted there. Especially when they start talking about what kind of students they look for when admitting, it just seems like a challenge I look forward to.” – Ingrid, DTS 11th grader 

“Knowing these people are willing to come and talk to me about their amazing schools gives me hope for the future.” – Valerie, DTS 11th grader

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