Health & Wellness Club at Ouchi High School

Kassandra and Gionna, members of the Ouchi 2021 Class, founded their own Health and Wellness Club at Ouchi this fall.

Q:  How did you get the idea to start a Health and Wellness club?

Gionna:  During HWI, we enjoyed the way we felt after paying attention to our health and wellbeing, especially after doing things like stillness and using essential oils.

Kassandra:  We wanted to spread what we learned during HWI throughout our school because many students are stressed and overwhelmed.  With our club, we will help them find better ways to cope.

Q.  How does the club work?

Gionna:  We are going to bring different topics to campus each week such as stillness, meditation, focusing on happiness, and nutrition.  We hope to impact parents and families as well.

Kassandra:  We want to bring REAL change to the school and our community. It all starts will a couple of people and it will expand slowly.  We will include parents in having a better lifestyle as well by hosting some parent meetings.

Q.  What are some of your goals for the club?

Kassandra:   We are trying to help others make a change towards a better and brighter future. Our goal is to create a community of people who seek well being for themselves and others.

Gionna:  We would like to start a community garden, but space is an issue since we don’t have any areas on campus, but we are going to fundraise and work with our Determined to Succeed family to bring this to life.

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