All Ways Up Scholarships

DTS and the All ways Up Foundation are aligned in our missions to provide support to highly motivated students in order to increase their chances of college success.Most of our students require more financial support than the DTS budget allows, so we are pleased to share that, this year, Daniel, Melanie and Rukhsar, members of the Hamilton 2018 Class, have been awarded renewable, annual All Ways Up Scholarships!  Having been selected from a very competitive pool of applicants, they each will receive up to $10,000 from the All Ways Up Foundation for their college education.

Financing a college education is challenging for many Americans, but for first generation students from low income families, it can be a deal-breaker.  Even a combination of government-funded and institution-funded aid is often inadequate to cover the real costs of a college education.  This is why foundations and other private scholarships are a crucial contributor to college success among the population of students DTS serves.

We are thrilled that the All Ways Up Foundation has eased the financial burden on Daniel, Melanie and Rukhsar and their families as they head to their dream schools this fall.  We are also happy to announce that Mario, member of the College 2020 Class and a rising junior at UC Santa Cruz, will serve as a counselor at the All Ways Up Foundation’s Up Through Education Summit this summer.  A recipient of an All Ways Up Scholarship in 2016, Mario has demonstrated the motivation, leadership ability and interpersonal skills to help the new class of 60 scholarship recipients prepare for a successful transition to college.

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